For schools

Jason addressed the entire student body in our school. He also gave his keynote presentation at the school’s annual awards dinner. The students found him inspirational and took a lot from his talk. His very personal story shows that no matter what life throws at us, with sheer grit and determination, great things can be accomplished. In a world where young people are constantly faced with challenges, Jason’s inspiring story shows them that they can overcome any challenge with positive thinking, hard work and perseverance. Jason’s story is inspirational.”

Anne Gorby Principal, Mercy college Sligo

For health care and other organisations

Jason’s talk “Never waste a crisis” encapsulated not only an open, honest and truly inspirational story for all to hear. It also offered a real opportunity for everyone present to stop and reflect unreservedly on how each of us when faced with uncertainty, could consider two very distinct pathways – catalyst or catastrophe! ”

Ahlem Boujnah, Education & Training Lead, Chailey Clinical Services, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

For Businesses

“Jason Le Masurier has an amazing story to tell, describing his journey over the last decade, recovering from a serious brain injury. Both moving and inspirational Jason’s talk gets across powerful messages about overcoming life-changing crises and achieving the impossible (according to experts).

In this workshop Jason reveals his new management thinking, combining his experiences through recovery with his background in managing uncertainty in engineering. His Tic Toc Cloc framework brings a new perspective on how to think about and manage uncertainty. Particularly relevant for coping with the business uncertainties created by both COVID and BREXIT. “

Tim Fitch, Director,

For charities

Jason spoke at one of our large support groups and it was very well received. We at the Brain Injury NZ support group really appreciated Jason’s presentation. There was a lot of positive feedback in the following weeks from the members. The group generally felt that it was great to hear from someone who has lived experience of the issues they face. They were also interested to hear about the strategies Jason adopted to aide his recovery. I felt that the casual manner in which Jason presented information made it very accessible and the instructiveness of his presentation worked very well for our audience. We would love to schedule Jason for future presentations to the support groups in other areas covered by Brain Injury New Zealand.

Sue Kelly Liaison Officer — Canterbury & West Coast Brain Injury New Zealand