TIC TOC CLOC - thrive in crisis

When the doctor told us that I would never walk it was with such authority and certainty that we lost all hope. If I could have heard a story like mine at that time it would have given me and my family hope that it was possible to regain what I had lost.

During the long periods of rehabilitation and adapting to life changing disabilities that many brain injury survivors endure, we know how important hope is, to continue with determination, despite the often bleak predictions. By sharing our experiences we aim to give hope to others. We found setting goals to overcome physical challenges can give hope as milestones are passed on the road to recovery. We find that forming new HABITs is important in the rehabilitation of cognitive issues and can give hope as another indicator of progress, Hope After Brain Injury Trauma will use our story and experiences to give hope to survivors of traumatic brain injury. HABIT will also provide funds to help people to take on specific physical challenges as part of their rehabilitation.

For his work to share his inspirational story and help other brain injury survivors Jason was awarded the UKABIF award for inspiration in 2020.

Jason spoke at one of our large support groups and it was very well received. We at the Brain Injury NZ support group really appreciated Jason’s presentation. There was a lot of positive feedback in the following weeks from the members. The group generally felt that it was great to hear from someone who has lived experience of the issues they face. They were also interested to hear about the strategies Jason adopted to aide his recovery. I felt that the casual manner in which Jason presented information made it very accessible and the instructiveness of his presentation worked very well for our audience. We would love to schedule Jason for future presentations to the support groups in other areas covered by Brain Injury New Zealand.

Sue Kelly
Liaison Officer