Learning to walk again with Jack

Running down the aisle at our wedding!!

Finishing Dublin marathon with Jack, 8 years after we learned to walk together.

I wouldn’t be here without the NW Air Ambulance.

We raised money for them by doing the Skipton triathlon 5 years after we were told I would never walk again.

About Dr Jason Le Masurier PhD, CEng, MICE, FHE.

Jason’s unique life’s experience with many twists and turns, is motivational and inspirational and he speaks about his story of resilience to audiences from business, schools, charities, health-care and other organisations.

Jason is a Chartered Civil Engineer with 20 years construction management experience in industry and academia. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Authority.

In the UK he worked in civil engineering design. As an academic he taught Construction Management at Canterbury University, New Zealand. Here he helped initiate Rethinking Construction NZ


Jason was a co-leader with the social enterprise Resilient Organisations, www.resorgs.org.nz where he focussed on post-disaster reconstruction. His research experience was particularly relevant when he was involved with documentation of the recovery following the Christchurch earthquake.

In a kite surfing accident in 2007 Jason survived a severe brain injury. In his own post-disaster recovery he developed and used his unique TIC TOC CLOC process to thrive in his crisis. 5 years after leaving hospital Jason went back and asked the neurologist who told him he’d never walk again, to sponsor him in a triathlon! He has since gone on to run the Dublin Marathon and compete in multisport races.

Jason has used his crisis in a positive way as a catalyst, to come back stronger and give hope to individuals and organisations facing seemingly impossible challenges. He shares his story of resilience through inspirational speaking to many diverse audiences. With a diploma in life and business coaching, he coaches people and organisations going through times of crisis.

Jason’s TIC TOC CLOC process shows clearly how resilience can be achieved by effectively managing uncertainty. This is a highly valuable process for business leaders to implement into their strategy for growth and this is what Jason’s workshops deliver into leadership teams

To inspire and support other brain injury survivors Jason and his wife Liz are starting a new charitable initiative HABIT (Hope After Brain Injury Trauma). For his work to share his inspirational story and help other brain injury survivors Jason was awarded the UKABIF award for inspiration in 2020.

As well as starting his new career, Jason has, against the odds, with his ongoing disabilities, been able to get back to all his favourite outdoor activities, including sailing, canoeing, skiing, camping and surfing ( but certainly no more kite-surfing!) which he enjoys doing with Liz and their 4 children. When he is not in the great outdoors of Donegal he likes to cook and grow vegetables.

I like to meet new people especially those who I can help through difficult times, so feel free to reach out here or on Linkedin where we can arrange to meet in person or virtually!



It’s your choice!


Embrace uncertainty or you might throw out the baby with the bathwater!